Roti Bread Traditional sweet bread w/satay sauce


Garlic Roti




Prawn Crackers Prawn crackers w/satay dipping sauce 4.00
Spring Rolls Deeply fried spring roll pastry covering veggies w/sata or soy sauce 8.00
Thai Curry Puffs Delicious Golden Filo parcels mashed veggies creamy curry sauce 8.00
Wontons Crispy pastry stuffed w/chicken, served w/a light sweet chili sauce 8.00
Fish Cakes Minced fish coriander, lemon juice blended w/cashew nuts 8.00
Mixed Entrée 1 spring rolls, 1 curry puff, 2 wontons and 1 fish cakes 8.00
Chicken Sticks 4 chicken skewers grilled w/a hint of curry in a rich satay sauce 8.00
Prawn Pastries Prawns marinated in oyster sauce and coriander served in a crispy pastry 950
Yum Puk Mixed fresh garden vegetables, mint coriander, lemon juice sauce 8.00




Tom Yum Spicy lemongrass soup, corn, prawns, served w/meat (chicken/beef/pork)






Tom Kha Fresh coconut based lemongrass galangal chicken soup (chicken/beef/pork)











Larb  $16 Spicy ground pork or chicken and finely chopped herbs
Yum Neur $16 Marinated sliced of beef w/onion, lemon juice and mint
Mixed Seafood Salad $18.00 Mussels, squid, prawns, scallops, draped in onion, lemon juice and mint
Salak Kag  8.00 Seasonal vegetables steamed, eggs and spicy satay sauce




Chicken/Beef/Pork at $16.00

Prawns and Scallops at $18.00

Gang Dang Red coconut curry w/crisp vegetables and your choice of Thai Jungle Curry
Jungle Curry Water based hot curry w/fresh vegetables and Thai spices
Gang Keow Wahn Mild flavorful some green curry, full of taste served w/crisp vegetables and your choice of meat
Gang Massaman Potatoes and carrots cooked w/coconut milk, beans and baby corn and meat
Gang Tapo Traditional tamarind curry cooked in coconut w/pineapple and baby bok choy
Yellow Curry Tumeric based curry with lovely golden texture and subtle taste
Red Duck Curry Duck medallions swerved w/pineapple in a spicy hot red coconut curry at $20.00




Chicken/Beef/Pork at $16.00

Prawns and Scallops at $18.00

Gluten free options avaliable**


Pad King** Your choice of tender stir fried meat mixed w/fresh ginger, crunchy vegetables, also available w/tofu (vegetarian)
Pad Minnum Hoy** A well prepared beautifully tasty oyster sauce, combined w/delicately stir fried meat and lightly fried vegetables
Pad Preaw Wahn** Stir fry meat w/the imported flavors of China in a delightful sweet and sour sauce that tops fresh spring onions, red capsicum, broccoli, zucchini, tomato and pineapple
Pag Grapow** Juicy stir fried meat and seet basil (spicy) together w/chili, beans, red capsicum, bamboo, onion and baby corn – simply spectacular!
Pad Satay** Rich chunky creamy satay sauce draped over your choice of meat
BBQ Chicken** Chicken marinated in soy sauce topped w/lettuce onion sesame seed and coriander; sweet chili sauce on the side
BBQ Pork** Pork marinated in soy sauce topped w/lettuce, onion, sesame seed and coriander; sweet chili sauce on the side
BBQ Beef** Beef marinated in soy sauce topped w/lettuce, onion, sesame seed and coriander; sweet chili sauce on the side
Pad Tom Yum** The stir fry equivalent of tom yum soup in terms of taste made from tom yum sauce; served w/your choice of meat



SEAFOOD SPECIALS  (Gluten Free option **)

Choo Chee Goong Prawns cooked in creamy red curry sauce and lime leaves 18.00
Pad Orig Sod Talay** Seafood combination of squid prawn scallop mussel stir fried in sweet chili sauce 18.00
Pad Ped Talay Seafood combination of squid prawn scallop mussel stir fried in red curry sauce 18.00
Golden Barramundi Barramundi pieces served in a hot steamy aromatic spicy yellow curry 18.00
yum pla tod dee fried barramundi with fresh thai salad and cashew nuts 20.00
pla choo chee barramundi fillet in red curry served with lime leaves 20.00
garlic prawns stir fried prawns in garlic sauce with fresh vegetables 20.00
pla neung king steamed barramundi with ginger sauce and fresh vegetables 20.00



Chicken/Beef/Pork at $15.00

Seafood at $17.00 (Gluten free options  **)

Pad Thai** Famous fried rice noodles w/meat todu egg and bean shoots, best noodles in Geelong! For Pad Thai aficionados, prove us wrong!
Pad Se Ew** Stir fried flat rice noodles w/meat, eggs and sweet soy sauce
Mekong Noodles Stir fried hokkien noodles served w/vegetables and cashew nuts
Fried Rice** Thai fried rice w/combination of meat and vegetables
Pineapple Fried Rice** As it says
Jasmine Rice Small






Coconut Rice 4.00 5.50
Garlic Rice 4.00 5.50